tl;dr — interface, production, and internal

Learn about the three main types of skills

Have you given much thought to the types of skills you’re developing?

We all want to increase our utility and effectiveness. To be seen as having certain skills. To be known for someone who’s good at something — someone who can get things done.

Our memory of what happens around us changes all the time.

I remember watching the World Cup 2010 Final in the Hong Kong timezone (2:30am to 4:30am when all was said and done). Apparently, my buddy and I had very different recollection of it. In my memory, he cheered for…

Background: one of my fellow entrepreneur friends wrote me an unlisted letter on medium. After reading my response, he suggested that I made it public (instead of unlisted) to benefit whoever happens to read this. So here it is. Hope that it helps someone today :)

Hey Johnny (name changed),

Eric Tsang

Sharing my perspective on Startups, Tech, and Product. Follow my Twitter @ectsang

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